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Maryna Sulym


nice to meet you! My name is Maryna.

If you are like me, you like to explore the world, even when you don’t have time or will to go outside. In this blog I share with you pictures of the best landscapes I’ve seen in my life. Here there are massive rocks of Dolomites, resting on the greenest grass in the world; rainbow lakes of Yellowstone behind the curtain of thick sulphurous steam; vast spaces of Himalayas mountains with the top so bright, it can blind a careless explorer. 

There are also photos of London streets, because this city is awesome and I happen to live in it. And some photographic experiments, such as photo-a-day

If you have any questions about the places you see, suggestions on where to go next, thoughts about the blog, or if you simply want to correct the mistake, I’d love to hear from you! Write me a comment or drop an email. Let’s be friends.


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