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Maryna Sulym


Hi there, nice to see you!

My name is Maryna, and I’m a photographer. My current project aims to explore communication through a picture. I choose a topic each week; every day I take a picture that conveys one of the interpretations of the main topic. Besides a visual, it has also a linguistic part in it. I hope you’ll enjoy the results of my word quest :)

Now, I don’t have any profit from my photography. If you like my pictures, or appreciate the effort it took to make them, consider helping people who are not able to do what they want. Donate to your favourite charity. It could be any peaceful charity that helps people live healthy and happy life. If you don’t have one, I can recommend Givewell. I know we can make a difference together. 

Write me an e-mail. I'll be glad to hear from you! 


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